Entry #1

Outrag'es House Arrest Ponderings

2007-12-24 13:58:50 by Jackassboy

Just thought I outta shed some light.
Outrage's best friend here, Frank. I have seen alot of comments on his page/submissions about his house arrest, well, here is the story.
One night, I'm sitting here on Newgrounds when his mom calls me, and tells me that him and his sister are on house arrest, so I asked why? Well, they were faking sick too much and not going to school, so the truancy officer came to their house, and made them go to school, and they had to go court. Well, they lost, and got two months house arrest. Outrage is not aloud to use the phone, IM, nothing, but he IS aloud on the computer...for homework things, and that's it.
He doesn't have the ankle bracelet, he has to be home by 3 o'clock from school everyday, I guess he signed something.

And that's it. Happy pondering.


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